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“I have known Peter since mid 90s when he was Director of Isis Research. We worked together a number of times since then, sometimes he as my client, and sometimes the other way round. In both ways, I have been always impressed with his sincerity, integrity, highly organized, finely textured manner, and above all professionalism. He is also a nice English gentleman. I think the launch and development of Medefield as a huge success, and the successful career that followed have been all fruits of these attributes.”

Gaku SasakiExecutive Director, SSRI Japan


“I can highly recommend Peter, he is motivated, proactive and his attention to detail second to none. He is a good communicator backed by a wealth of experience in Healthcare Marketing Research. He always delivers on time and with that extra special attention to detail.”

Janet HensonChair of Primary Research Methods and Training, Conference Organiser, EphMRA

“I have known & worked with Peter in various capacities since 1999. He has always impressed me with his knowledge of, and dedication to Market Research. A consistent theme of projects that I have worked on with Peter is that the analysis conducted is more in-depth and comprehensive than might have been expected. Moreover, Peter has a drive to embrace novel technologies and ways of thinking into his work – drawing on diverse fields such as behavioural economics, psychology, identity theory, unified communications, advanced statistical analysis and virtual methodologies – and, importantly, has the ability to draw on the appropriate tools for each project. Finally, it has always been a pleasure to work with Peter and I have learnt an enormous amount from the various projects we have worked on together – I can heartily recommend Peter.”

James Ambler, Partner – Moor Consulting

“I worked with Peter at Medefield and was impressed with the vision he for the organization and the methodological way that he went about executing on that vision. He is a very thoughtful research professional with a strong grasp of what it means to make a brand successful. And last but by no means least, he is a pleasure to work with!”

Elys Roberts, President & CEO – Ipsos Health

“Peter took a very innovative and experimental approach to market research that resulted in the most insightful analysis of the airline market that had been produced up to that date. Peter’s creativity and enthusiasm are exceptional, and his practical hands-on approach brings quality responses and data.”

Malcolm Vernon, Director Market Development, Nokia (YouTube explanation of Nokia Money)

“Peter was a natural entrepreneur and was the ideal person to launch our new desktop analysis system (Choices). In addition to the contribution he made in the office he also played a lead role in the ARG (a special interest group of the Market Research Society)”

Andy Brown, Chairman of Kantar Media