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Peter Winters

A geography graduate of St. Andrews University, Peter has over 20 years of research experience, initially working in consumer research with BMRB, British Airways and SC Johnson’s Wax before joining Isis Research to work in pharmaceuticals. He subsequently worked at P\S\L Research, Medefield, Brand Health International and now offers consumer and pharmaceutical research with Virtual Pharma Research. Peter is based in Montreal, but until 2008, lived in London, England.

He has conducted a large number of healthcare research studies especially in Canada, Europe, and the US but also in South America, Asia and MENA region. Peter works on a wide range of projects, which can involve undertaking in-depth interviews with HCPs, patients or payers, through to designing quantitative studies and then employing advanced analytics. Peter is familiar with data management and statistical methods using SPSS, has the diploma of market research from the Market Research Society and is a member of ESOMAR, ISPOR and the Market Research Society. Through EphMRA, he has convened training courses on internet research, branding, desk research, advanced qualitative techniques, forecasting, war-gaming, and desk research.


Chantal Gaboury-Winters

After completing a MSc in biology, Chantal started working in medical market research at P\S\L Research, Montrealin 1999. After a stint at the P\S\L UK office in 2002, Chantal worked for NOP Research and then for the Research Partnership with experience of both quantitative and qualitative projects.


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