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Medefield 2003

We have included this Medefield case study material to show some of our past experience in commercialising a new market research methodology for the pharmaceutical sector. Specifically it shows some relevant published material about the launching of the Medefield Network with a lead client. Further research agencies were then recruited into the Medefield Network, and these agencies were offered a range of benefits, including seminars about online research held at the Savoy Hotel in central-London.

As the number of research methodologies keeps expanding, we hope it stimulates ideas about how they could be marketed effectively.


NOP Healthcare Becomes Founding Member of the Medefield Network

Press Release


NOP Healthcare Becomes Founding Member of the Medefield Network

LONDON, June 16, 2003

Medefield, the newly formed e-research fieldwork arm of the P\S\L Group, announced today that NOP Healthcare has signed up to become the first European Founding Member of the Medefield Network. Under the terms of the Letter of Intent, NOP Healthcare will immediately benefit from survey access to the world’s largest physician e-research community, currently standing at 290,000 physicians.

Peter Winters, Managing Director of Medefield, said “We are delighted to welcome NOP Healthcare to our new network. They are one of the most respected pharmaceutical research firms in Europe and we are very proud to have them as our first member.”

Bob Hallett, Managing Director of NOP Healthcare said, “We are very pleased to be a Founding Member of the Medefield Network as we are currently undertaking more Internet-based surveys in Europe and this gives us ready access to a physician community that has been specifically recruited for market research purposes and has a good track record. Use of the Medefield Network will enable us to offer quicker turnaround on international surveys and offer even more cost effective research solutions to our clients. Our membership will also enable us to offer more syndicated pan European studies. The Medefield Network has enabled us to enhance our leadership in the conduct of international web based data collection”.

Peter Winters said, “In North America, e-research has become the gold standard for many types of medical surveys over the last few years, and it is now becoming more used in Europe, Latin America and Japan. However, what has restricted wider usage is that most agencies have not had the access to e-research physician communities with true global reach. This is now possible through Medefield as a fieldwork supplier of e-research amongst physicians in all major markets.

Among our 290,000 physicians, we have roughly 60,000 in the United States and 90,000 in Europe. In addition to primary care physicians, our numbers are particularly strong with cardiologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, obstetricians/gynaecologists, oncologists, psychiatrists, rheumatologists and urologists. And, the numbers are continuously growing. The global reach and the global possibilities with Medefield are truly unparalleled.”

He continued, “e-research holds tremendous promise but still requires an expert hand. At Medefield we work closely with our clients to ensure that they make the most of this powerful methodology and avoid some of the pitfalls which can trap those inexperienced to e-research”.

About Medefield and the European Founding Members of the Medefield Network
Medefield, based in London, provides client-agencies with ready-access to the largest, most global e-research facilities in the medical world.

The Medefield Network provides its agency-members with a competitive edge by helping them develop and maintain the expertise required to fully exploit the best e-research resources in the medical world.

European Founding Membership of the Medefield Network is limited to 5 international agencies based in Europe and 1 domestic agency for each European country.


About NOP Healthcare

NOP Healthcare specialises in researching all aspects of the supply of, and demand for, healthcare products and services around the world. Much of its work involves interviewing doctors/other healthcare professionals and their patients for clients in the pharmaceutical/biotech and surgical/medical equipment industries. In addition to undertaking ad hoc work, NOP Healthcare has a number of Omnibus and web based services, both in the UK and internationally, which provide cost-effective data collection.


For more information about Medefield, and European Founding Membership of the Medefield Network, contact Peter Winters