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People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!

by Peter Winters on May 24th, 2011
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In a fast-moving and competitive commercial environment, we recognise that pharmaceutical market research agencies, and the people who work in them, face ongoing challenges to meet their goals. These challenges can be very practical and immediate, such as helping to run a project within a tight timeline; or more long-term, taking account of how you would like grow your business in a world where research methodologies are evolving so rapidly.

Whatever your requirements, given our experience and range of contacts, we can help.  We can provide scalable solutions to almost any challenge – big or small.  We aim to deliver solutions which are very cost-effective, with a view to enabling our clients become more successful, and more profitable.

Overall, our service offering is split into three general categories – project management outsourcing; acting as a catalyst for new research methodologies; and providing tables and analytics.

Our goal is to approach all assignments as long-term partnerships. Our quality assurance is based on a process of feedback and innovation. That way, you can build relationships with your clients whilst being confident that we can take care of your deliverables.
We principally work in pharmaceuticals, but also undertake consumer work. We have certificates of competency from the BHBIA for their Legal and Ethical Guidelines and Adverse Events Training modules, and have MRS and ESOMAR membership. We are based in Montreal, Canada.

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