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Outsourcing support

In pharmaceutical market research, it is often not easy to predict, and plan for, the volume of work that comes through the door.

You can be quiet one month and crazy busy the next; and who can afford to staff-up for the busy times?

This is where we can help. We can be part of your virtual team to help you work more effectively. It does not need to be stressful. As soon as you anticipate a busy period, we can provide a plan to meet your needs. We work on both qualitative and quantitative studies, have experience of many therapy areas and are familiar with a large number of research approaches.

Outsourcing is not just about helping clients manage the ups and downs of their business. Consider also that:

  1. Some projects can be very time-consuming to handle internally and can distract from essential business-building tasks. It can make better business sense to outsource.
  2. Outsourcing can be part of a risk management approach; allowing clients to draw on outside expertise for a project. At Virtual Pharma Research we aim to be experts at providing high-quality market research deliverables, and have experience with a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research procedures. We also work very hard to guarantee that we deliver on time and on budget!

Here are some of services we can provide:

    • Proposal writing
    • Questionnaire / discussion guide development
    • Web-link checking
    • Understanding and helping with the legal and regulatory issues for pharmaceutical market research
    • Assessing project readiness for Canada, including adapting France French questionnaires to Canadian/Quebec French
    • Pilot testing of a questionnaire
    • Conducting IDIs / group discussions, including face-to-face, telephone or online qualitative techniques
    • Elite interviewing of physicians, senior business executives, government officials and academics
    • Content analysis using digital audio recordings to be done concurrently with your qualitative fieldwork
    • Coding of open-ended answers and ability to incorporate into the research data set
    • Assisting with development of presentations and reports
    • Communicate results clearly, taking account of the Pyramid Principle approach
    • Creative design of presentations with Powerpoint, with access to a large library of chart styles
    • Re-analysis of existing data-sets, including patient diary data
    • Incorporating analysis, and matching data, from multiple data sources
    • Building a supporting team of consultants as required for larger, complicated and/or specialised projects, where we would typically remain the lead or sole contact
    • Bringing in specialised skills, such as for creating dashboards, monitoring social media, IMS analysis and foreign language moderating and analysis
    • Making presentations or representations on behalf of our clients
    • We act as Associate Consultants to Moor Consulting where we provide statistical and analytical support; and have worked with James and Ursula Ambler for many years