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Tables & analytics

Where we stand out is combining advanced analytic techniques with our extensive, practical research experience.


Using both IBM SPSS and Microsoft Office software products, we provide a range of analytic support services for our clients. With IBM SPSS statistics, we currently use SPSS 22 (see webinar) released in mid-2013, and licence the following modules:

For tables, we also run IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter, which is somewhat separate from the IBM SPSS statistics products described above.

We have many years of experience of applying these techniques when conducting pharmaceutical, and consumer, market research projects. We are also strong believers that market research should be evidence-based, to better judge the strengths and weaknesses of different methodologies. To this end, we keep abreast of peer-reviewed literature, particularly through the International Journal of Market Research.

The following sub-directories describe the types of ‘tables and analytics’ services we offer:

  1. Experimental design
  2. Data preparation
  3. Presentation-friendly tables
  4. Significance testing
  5. Multivariate statistics
  6. Dashboards