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1. Experimental design

For product testing, we can help in recommending an appropriate experimental design. Typically this would involve applying a latin square plan which is tailored to the number of concepts to be tested.

In pharmaceutical market research, samples sizes are often fairly small – at least compared to those often seen in consumer research. Yet this does not matter when samples are often quite homogenous. In a nutshell, if your target sample is reasonably similar, and has similar tastes, they may well answer in a pretty similar way – and you will get statistically significant results. If their answers are very wide ranging, you will need a bigger sample to determine the statistically significant pattern.

Another area of investigation, for the pharmaceutical sector, is at what level variation in prescribing takes place. Is it at a regional level, a hospital level, a doctor level or a patient level? This has important implications in the design of many pharmaceutical studies, such as whether you are tracking prescribing from a patient diary monitor. We can help analyse past data and advise on the implications for a reliable sampling approach.