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5. Multivariate analysis

We can help with a wide range of multivariate analysis which are useful to market researchers. Specifically, we can run the following types of analyses:

  • Brand mapping with Correspondence Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Factor Analysis

We also work with a wide range of modeling approaches such as AMOS (Structural Equation Modeling), regression and mixed models approaches. We are excited about working with the new ‘Generalized linear mixed models‘ available with SPSS 20. These can manage a nested structure of ordinal target data, which is common feature of healthcare treatment (hospital; doctor; patient levels). Indeed, it was this new GLMM offering which encouraged us to buy the Advanced Statistics module, where they also specifically mention pharmaceuticals and market research in the product description. An attractive and potentially useful geographical map feature has also been introduced with SPSS 20.

We also offer support with conjoint projects, and are currently working with a partner consultancy in developing more user-friendly outputs.

Again, where we stand out is our ability to advise on where and why to use these techniques, and to make the results relevant for business decision-making.